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Hi, I'm Lauren!

I was born and raised in Prosser, Washington where I live now with the love of my life, Tyler, and our two dream-come-true sons.  

I have always enjoyed all things creative. When I was young an art teacher told my mom that she should always have art supplies available to me because it would be important for me in life; that was the greatest gift I could have received. I don't remember a time where I haven't had paint, glitter, crayons, crazy scissors and construction paper at my disposal and it has shaped who I am. 

I never really realized that my dream was to be an artist full time until suddenly my hobbies started to monopolize my free time and it occurred to me, "Hey! Maybe this could work!". 

I started in lettering in 2014 when my best friend got married. She asked me to do some giant chalkboards for her wedding (even though I had never done it before - crazy girl) and I had.a blast and fell in love. 

The watercoloring was a hobby born, like many, during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was home during the "Great Lock-Down of 2020" and my friend had a birthday so I made a family portrait for her as a gift. I shared it on social media and well, the rest is history!

I am so grateful to get to create everyday - I owe it all to you! Thank you for shopping small!

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